Take a Breath

Allow the body + mind to settle.

It is time for you to discover your balance with The Well And Healthy Co.


Our ultimate goal is to help you discover balance for yourself and, to recognise that you are worthy of feeling good.

Classes + Sessions



Balancing Flow* (60) 7:00PM


Unwind + Relax* (60) 7PM



The ultimate offering that is designed to help you rest, release and restore.


Book yourself in for your monthly sound and gong bath to help you feel good and sleep better.


Our newest meditation programme, launching October  2021

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The Well And Healthy Monthly Membership is a space where you can take the time for you, to connect, to show up for you, to take time for you to grow and thrive.

It offers an eclectic festival of live and recorded yoga, meditation, sound and magical healing practices, that allow you to take the proactive approach in taking care of you.

Well and Healthy Co by Caro B

The ultimate goal is to discover balance in life.

We encourage you to help you discover it for yourself.

Work With Me

Discover how you can heal, rest and feel your best.

Nurture // 6 week  programme – Discovering Your Balance // Autumn 2021

1-1 Sensory Healing 


We welcome brands and individuals with pure purpose, who recognise the depth of offerings that Well And Healthy can share with the world.

Our inboxes are open for your thoughts and ideas. 

“ Like a massage for your spirit that runs all the way to the core of your body and soul”

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