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We are presently offering our Well and Healthy classes and sessions online, to reach and support as many people as possible.

We offer the opportunity to nurture the mind and body through yoga and meditation, discover relaxation through sound therapy and stories and create development and personal growth through coaching.

The ultimate goal is to discover balance in life
We encourage you to help you discover it for yourself.

Online Sessions

Online Membership

We are offering a monthly Online Membership for the first time, which is the best value option to enjoy all of our classes and sessions.


6+ Live Weekly Classes


Discounted Access to Sound Healing

Your monthly Well and Healthy Online Membership includes ALL of these sessions, live streamed from my home to yours.


All sessions are available On Demand for a month after the session.

£46.00 / month

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Online Classes & Sessions

We are temporarily moving our classes and sessions online to ensure that all of our clients stay safe and well. Subscribe to our monthly membership to get access to all sessions, or pay per class.

Move your body through creative sequencing, letting the body seamlessly flow from pose to pose, using the breath as your guide.

All classes are suitable for all levels.


Morning Meds (30)

Strong + Stretchy (60)


Lunchtime Meditation (30)
13:00 PM

Balancing Flow (60)
18:00 PM


Meditation (40)

Unwind + Relax (60)


Energising Flow (60)

Session by Well and Healthy
Monthly Subscription

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Well and Healthy Co

Online Class Package
4 Classes

£7.50 a class for 4 classes

Well and Healthy Co

Online Class Package
8 Classes

£7 a class for 8 classes

What We Do


Mindfully move the body in yoga and press pause in the mind for meditation. Yoga + Meditation is for anybody, whether you are a tenured pro or new to the practice. Each class allows you to come with beginner's eyes to allow the experience to nurture the mind and body without judgement to yourself. Expect to feel lifted, relaxed, calm and balanced.


Immerse yourself in a truly magical experience for the ears and the body. Sound therapy is a sensory experience that encompasses waves of sound that move through the body, bringing you to a state of relaxation. Storytelling is no longer for the young alone. Allow your mind to wander through the realms of stories to sooth and calm you and move the mind through the body in Yoga Nidra to help you discover rest.


Discover direction and focus in your life. Coaching helps you to get to where you need to be, where you want to be and how to create the steps to get you there. Sessions can be prepared as part of a programme or one off session from our series of themes, that include: discovering balance, kindness and mindfulness, self-less self-care and ritualistically living.

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